“When one looks back over the years of Wolf’s practice one cannot but be struck by the way his architecture has matured through to complex layered civic works, such as the Center of Regional Government in Toulouse. As he has grown older, his work has deepened.... Perhaps, in the last analysis, the most singular quality of his expression resides in its sublime attitude towards light...hermetic skin-like material appears quite literally to suffuse with the light that emanates from its surface."

Kenneth Frampton, Critic and Historian

"... to a modern society that is full of errant energy, Wolf offers his quietly platonic buildings as ameliorative. They absorb rather than reflect chaos and exude harmonious order. Most important perhaps is Wolf's preoccupation with the physical measure of man– a concern that Le Corbusier also expressed in his modular system– as the basis for creation of a structure that will appeal to human emotions, intellect and psyche."

Carol McMichael Reese, Curator, Getty Center for the History of Art and Humanities

"Harry Wolf is one of the most gifted architects today, indeed in the context of the world only a relatively small number of people know how important he is to architecture. He is a big talent, a rationalist with poetic impact to his work. Not just meat and potatoes functionalism but a major spiritual commitment."

Allen Temko, Architectural Critic, San Francisco Chronicle

"Indeed, the whole project pursues at the various scales the objective of re-establishing a relationship between man and nature, at the same time creating a new sense of space and time; all this is communicated in a subtle and hardly perceptible way. Not a clear sign, but a symbol, something revealing itself slowly and in the course of time."

Mirko Zardini, Casabella, Milan

"The surprising work of Harry Wolf, an architect pursuing his own patient search ... finding a language of geometry and silence in several works achieving an unusual, singular richness."

Vittorio Lampugnani, Casabella, Milan